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I have been training and showing dogs since I was 11 years old and breeding Golden Retrievers since 1995.  I've had 3 dogs place in the top 10 obedience dogs in Canada and completed many obedience and agility titles on Golden Retrievers and Tibetan Terriers.  I compete in CKC hunt tests with my dogs completing junior, senior and master hunt test titles. 

I've been volunteering to instruct all levels of obedience classes from puppy through to advanced  competitive obedience levels for local club's for as long as I can remember as well as beginner and advanced retriever classes connected with the Regina Retriever Club.

In 2009 we opened Charmlee Dogworks and boarding became my full time job.  In the current state of the world people are unable to travel thus not requiring boarding.  This has left me with time to focus more on training.  

  •  Limit of 3 - 4 dogs in for training at one time. 
  • Your dog will stay with us at Charmlee DogWorks, while I do the training.  I'll provide weekly updates on your dog's progress.  At the completion of the program we'll work with you and your dog together at the time of pick up to go over the behaviours your dog has learned and how to maintain and reinforce them.
  •  Puppy - 3 - 5 months - 4 week program focusing on basic house manners and socialization including an introduction to loose leash walking and mat/place training.  Socialization will include things like car rides,  seeing different sights and sounds, acting appropriately in the presence of other dogs (that doesn't mean just partying/playing) and people.  This will give your puppy a great head start to becoming a well adjusted adult.
  • The Basics   -   8 week program focusing on the basic behaviours necessary for a well behaved pet and companion includes loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, mat/place training and basic manners both at home and in public.  Owners will need to use/practice and maintain the behaviours taught when their dog goes home.  
  •  Hunting/Retriever - 3 - 4 months includes "The Basics" plus skills needed for a personal hunting dog.  Contact me for more details. 


NOTE:  I'm not a behavourist, I'm a trainer.  Although in my close to 40 years of experience training dogs I have learned a lot about behaviour, I don't deal with serious behaviour issues such as aggression.  


Email for more info, pricing  and to discuss if my program is suitable for you and your dog.



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